Part of Battalion HQ at Katerini, Greece

Part of the 28th Māori Battalion Headquarters at Katerini, Greece, in 1941.

(l to r) Back row: Lt C. M. Mules (RMO), Pte K. Edwards, unidentified, Pte Te M. N. Ngarimu (later VC), Pte R. Peters, Pte K. Hawira, unidentified. 2 Lt C. M. Bennett.

Middle row: Sgt W. Vercoe, Pte W. Hoko, Pte C. H. Wickliffe, Pte A. K. Raerena, Pte W. Paki, Pte J. Tupene, L-Sgt P. Manawatu.

Front row: Cpl A. Anderson, Pte Tawhai (Brownie) Huriwai, Pte W. Riteti, Pte M. Wikiriwhi, Pte E. Komene, Sgt W. P. Anaru


Note: Family advised of a correction and Wilfred Paki is now correctly identified. Initally incorrectly identified as Rimi Paki [Information courtesy of Ben Paki, August 2020]


J.F. Cody, 28 (Maori) Battalion, Wellington, 1956

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