Wi Patene Anaru

Wi Patene

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Native Department, Rotorua, New Zealand|Native Department, Rotorua, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr Tiweka Anaru (father), Rotorua, New Zealand|Mr Tiweka Anaru (father), Rotorua, New Zealand

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Today, in researching, we found that Uncle Wi was reported as 'wounded' in The Evening Post - Tuesday, 4 May 1943. Click here to view full page. A wonderful man with a very beautiful, stately wife and a fine son, daughter-in-law, grand-children and great grandchildren that would do him proud. Nga mihi aroha. Na, Te Awhi o Te Rangi Anderson Manahi maua ko Philip Wi Patene Anderson.  No Pukehina maua.

Hello everyone,

I am the researcher and contributor for Poppy Places, Palemrston North (http://poppyplaces.nz/). I am currently researching the Awatapu subdivision and the 28th Maori Battalion individuals which the streets are named for as commemoration of their service overseas. I am looking for any and all information which anyone can supply about the following indiciduals: Major Wi Patene Anaru, Lieutenant George Katene, Sergeant E T M Pitama, Lieutenant Colonel H Ruha and Major M P Te Punga. I have already completed articles for Brigadier George Dittmer, Lieutenant Colonel J C Henare, Captain Wiremu Te Tau Huata and Captain M Wikiriwhi, but any more information would be greatly appreciated to add on.

If anyone can provide any information on these individuals it would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me via evan.greensi[email protected]

Thank you,

Evan Greensides