Te Rākata

O Rātou Kōrero

  • The Battalion are moving towards Balsorano and then are called back to the Divisional concentration area near Arce, north-west of Cassino.
  • By May 2nd the Battalion had reassembled at Montaquila at the head of the Volturno valley.
  • The Battalion withdraw from Cassino township and move to Colle Belvedere to hold part of the left flank, protect the Cairo-Terelle road and support patrols.
  • The third battle of Cassino: the Battalion’s orders are to clear the township after its bombing. The damp, rubble, snipers and decomposing bodies heighten the intensity of battle.
  • Reconnaissance and patrols are undertaken to ready for the attack on the Cassino railway station, where the Battalion would suffer the heaviest casualties of any of the New Zealand units.