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<p>A news item&nbsp;with C Company&nbsp;veteran Hingangaroa Smith before the closing of the 28th (Māori) Battalion Association in December 2012.</p><p>Hinga went to sign up as a 16-year-old. He found out he had been adopted and that the name he was known as (Major Jackson) was not that&nbsp;listed on his birth certificate.</p>

<p>This Te Karere item is provided via <a href="; target="_blank">Youtube</a>&nbsp;</p>

<p>This 1942 <em>Weekly Review </em>film shows Māori reinforcements training in Northland before sailing overseas to join the 28th Battalion in North Africa.</p><p>A couple of B Company soldiers have been identified in the footage, at 3:05 - <a href="/node/360" target="_blank">Te Whiu Bush</a> sits at the centr of&nbsp;this group of 3 soldiers and <a href="/node/2017">Dick Ngoungou</a> is at the right.&nbsp; At 3:22 <a href="/node/665" target="_blank">Robert Gillies</a> is to the left of the open fire and again at 3:30 seated with other members of the Battalion.</p><p>Please let us know if you recognise any of the men in this film.</p>

<p>WEEKLY REVIEW No. 67, Archives New Zealand / Te Rua Mahara o Te Kāwanatanga<br />-see <a href="…; target="_blank">full reference on their film wiki website</a></p>