William Huia Karena

William Huia

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Te Mata, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr D. Karena (father), Te Mata, New Zealand

From the 28th Maori Battalion war diary, January 1944
Field Return of Other Ranks
C: Description of other ranks whose return to the unit is particularity requested.
67670, Pte Karena WH, NZ Maori Inf, At Adv Base 2NZEF."

Archives New Zealand, R23517745, ADQZ 18886, WAII 11666, DA 68/1/49

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Tena Koutou Katoa taku whanau...love the photos bernie_carroll good to see...Mathews,Karena,Kereopa and Waretini whanau o whaingaroa(raglan) are very close relatives...My dad is the late Harry Te ikimoke Waretini brother to Aunty Rosa Uncl bills wife...we all attended Uncle Bill Karena tangihanga which was held in fairfeild Hamilton at the house...Kia ora koutou katoa... 

Lovely to read your comments and see all the photo's of our whanau here.  I've just come back onto the site and have been researching on behalf of my uncles and aunties.  I keep referring them to this site but it's easier for them to get us younger ones to find whanau.  My mum Rose or Kupe Simon was bought up by her grandparents at Waingaro - Tukorehu and Kui Maniapoto - and dad was raised by the Moanaroa's and would visit Tawhi and Maraea nee (Hippolite) (D'Urville Island) when young.  They were his grandparents.  You might know my sister Mori Tipene.  She lives in Hamilton with heaps of moko's.

Kia Ora to the whanau for comming on this sight. I came looking for more information to try and get to know Grandad more and look what I found. Uncle Gilbert has got the other photo of Bill in his uniform might try get him to post it up.

Kia ora David it'd be great to see more photos up of our whanau and to find out more about their experiences re 28th Battlion. Our dad (Dick Matthews) rarely talked about his postings overseas and refused to travel out of Aotearoa once he returned home. We offered trips to Hawaii, the States etc but he didn't want a bar of it. We realised the nightmares he constantly had was due to Post Traumatic Stress (or Shell Shock as they used to call it).None of the men had anyone to talk to except each other on their return. Dad knew they could trust each other asthey all went through the same or similar things. No counselling or therapy in those days. It was "wars finished now get on with your lives". Unfortunately, life would never be the same for any of them.Keep in contact and if i find anymore info will post here for you. Arohamai Bernie