Wheti Harwood


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Kaukapakapa, New Zealand
Next of kin on enlistment
Mrs P. Harwood (wife), Kaukapakapa, New Zealand

Comments (3)

Kiaora this my papas page. I am the daughter of Joe Harwood my papas oldest son. I never really got to know my papa but the memories I do have come from my dad, it's so awesome to know his memories do live on with us and to know he will always be remembered love you papa!!!

Kia Ora koutou.I am the daughter of Samuel Harwood snr, whom is the son of this loving war hero of ours,our PAPA that was associated with the wonderful Maori battalion.I knew my papa wheti but didnt know at the time that he was part of something as awesome as the MAORI BATTALION.I feel so proud of him right now & am so glad 2 have known him as a young child back then.I will treasure the memories papa but knowing the real you is something I will hold dearly.You will always be OUR HERO,OUR SOLDIER love you papa......... To anyone that comments on this page please feel free to look any one of us up that you see on here cause if you know our papa you've got to be our whanau aswell.....Would love to hear from you especially if we don't know each other.