Rongomai Haimona


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Care of A.H. Jackman, Arakihi Station, Tolaga Bay, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs R.W. Williams (wife), Haimona, Puketawai, Tolaga Bay, New Zealand

Comments (2)

I remember a couple of days before my grandfathers 80th birthday was celebrated, he told me about kaingakopiro and how it was a delicacy to him. Anyway, he put live crayfish in a bucket of fresh water, left it inside the shed for three days, after the three days, thats when it all happened. We were on our way to the Reynolds hall where we were to celebrate my grandfathers birthday in Tolaga bay. I went where the men were doing the hangi in the ground and smelt an off smell, it was my grandfathers rotten crayfish.. It maybe a delicacy to him, but it sure smelled like totally off! Ewwwe, i wish my grandfather was still here with us, it would've been so awesome to hear him talk about the 28th Maori battalion with his grandchidren. Gotta love those few memories of him. R.I.P Papa

chur awesome to read your story my cuz Riana,ko wai ahau? I am TeRauhina James Haimona {Boy} my grandfather TeHuatahi Haimona was the eldest brother of Rongomai Haimona my gran-uncle: I remember a story he told us after singing the maori battlion march song back in wharekaka Tolaga Bay, he reckons when the german machine guns were shooting they weren't staunch and true,he told us they all ran hard out, if your mate fell down you kept going,there was no turning back to pick your mate up, if you didn't keep running you'd get shot.everytime I hear the maori battlion march song, it always reminds of what he had told us: I admire your courage and knowledge Papa you loved our dad and us kids, you will always be remembered: