Monte Robson

Date of death
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Lance Corporal
Address on enlistment
Box 51, Kaitaia, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs T. Robson (mother), Box 51, Kaitaia, New Zealand

Comments (3)

I have just recently seen other photos of my granduncle and was very moved by them. I have only known the photo of him that hung in my grandmothers house and thought he was a very handsome man. In my nannys family he was spoken about often so i Know he has never been forgotten. Every time i looked at his photo in nannys home i would often wonder what he would have been like and sometimes even felt sad that i never got to know him. I feel very proud that he went to fight for his family and country. His life was not in vain and i feel that because of him and the many others i have been a successful and blessed person. I am proud to be his grandneice and contribute comments about how his life has affected mine. Your Sad yet Proud Grandneice Moanaroa