Kepa Hamuera Anaha Ehau

Kepa Hamuera Anaha
Also known as
Kepa Hamuera Auaha

World War 1

Serial No
Rotorua, New Zealand
Next of kin on enlistment
Mrs Wikitoria N. Ehau (wife), Rotorua, New Zealand
Embarkation body
2nd Maori Contingent

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Keepa Ehau was an officer in the Maori Pioneer Battalion his wife Ngahirapu was a 1st cousin once removed of Roger, George and Harry Dansey. At Rogers funeral it was Keepa who recited Roger’s funeral oration that is as moving today as it was when recited all those years ago.

Ihakara Kahuao= Ruta Tautehanga

1 Wikitoria. = Dansey  2 Merepapuha  3 Merekorama

           /                              /

 Roger Dansey            Wikitoria Ngahirapu = Kepa Ehau

Harry Dansey

George Dansey


I would like to give the correct spelling of the name Merekorama. It is Mihikorama.
She was married to Rapata Te Waha. I am a descendant of Mihikorama Kahuao. My grandmother was Merania (nee Ihaia-Talty) Chase. Her mother was Mererukuroa who was a daughter to Mihikorama.

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Thank you for providing the correct spelling for Mihikorama Kahuao and the whakapapa.
I am a great grandson of Wikitoria Kahuao and knew both George and Merania Chase well. I would often call on Merania when she was a resident of the Rangatira Kaumatua Flats
George and Merania were good friends of my father Roger Kahuao Kusabs.
Kia ora