Kapene Teo Hiroti

Kapene Teo

World War 2

Serial No
Lance Corporal
Address on enlistment
Whangaehu, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr T. Hiroti (uncle), Whangaehu, New Zealand

Comments (1)

The following article appeared on page 3 of the Grey River Argus, 13 April 1915: LETTER FROM AN OFFICERLieut. T. Hiroti. who is with the Maori Contingent wrote an interesting letter when at Colombo to one of his local relatives, in the course of which he refers, among other things, to the efficiencyin marching gained by the Natives of New Zealand. The naval officer in charge of Albany harbour said that he considered the Maori troops were head and shoulders above any of the troops that had called in at Albany on their way to the front (either New Zealanders or Australians) both in marching and behaviour, and there was no doubt the marching was excellent and something out of the ordinary. "They marched," continues Lieut. Hiroti, "for over two miles without drums or any one calling out the steps, and I can assure you that not one man in the whole 500 had to change his step. As we marched through the town we were cheered again and again by the people and Captain Watson came over and shook hands with the Wanganui boys."Click here to view the article.