Hori Ropata


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Jubilee Boarding House, Currie Street, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs S. Wright (sister), N.Z.R., Mercer, New Zealand

Comments (1)

I David Ryche Laufolau Houma and am the Grand Nephew of my Granduncle Ropata Hori #818237 (aka Uncle Dick). He is the young brother of my Grandfather Neha Manihera Hori(Mansell George) and for some reason he had to switch his surname and first name around. My mother(Elsie Te Moanaroa Houma) his niece and my dad(Timote Hausia Ivaha Fotu Houma) looked after him after his wife left him for another man. He never did caught or marry again. When I was a kid he taught me how to haka and I would practice over and over again til he said it was fierce enough. I always love sitting next to him when he'd switch into his war mode world and talk to himself as if he was talking to his fallen friends in the war. I loved it and looked up to him soooo much. I wanted to be like my granduncle and to be the brave soldier he was. Sometimes I would hear him calling out to his friends in his sleep to try save them and then drift back off to sleep. He was the master on the piano accordian and I would enjoy listening to him all the time and dance around like a dopey kid in his room. Mum says he was also a gun on the clarinet and violin but my good ol uncle Sambo pawned it for some money the sad guy lol. Thanks uncle! I miss my Grand Uncle and it was sad when he died in our house in the early 80's. He was a stubborn old man and his death was a surprise the morning he passed. It was a sad moment and I remember seeing him pass in mums arms. Warrior Hard! Soldier Hard! Mana Hard!