Harry Delamere Dansey

Harry Delamere
Date of death
29 Jun 1942 {Age 67}
Place of death

World War 1

WW1 Serial No
WW1 address
Cargen, Auckland, New Zealand
WW1 next of kin
R.D. Dansey (father), Rotorua, New Zealand
WW1 embarkation body
2nd Maori Contingent
WW1 last unit
New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion

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George Robert Dansey was the younger brother of Harry and the older brother of Roger, all three served in the Maori Pioneer Battalion on the Western Front.

Rugby commentators of the times considered him to be as good or better player at half back than the legendary Freddie Roberts of the 1905 All Blacks (Invincibles) but as he held an important position with the NZ Post Office he was unable to get leave to tour. His job also delayed his embarkation to join his brothers at the front.  

After the war he returned to his Post Office  position retiring as Chief Engineer Gisborne. He married Ruby Waugh and took over the family farm on Dansey Road, Ngongotaha. The couple had four children. He died on his farm at the age of 85 and is buried with his two brothers at Muruika Soldiers' Cemetery Ohinemutu.



Harry Dansey was the older brother of my grandmother Lucy Kusabs née Dansey and the brother of Capt George Dansey and Maj Roger Dansey both members of the Maori Pioneer Battalion WW1. 

Prior to enlistment both Harry and Roger had attended Otago University where they studied engineering. This came in good use during his service on the Western Front where Harry supervised the construction of railway to transport troops and munitions to the front. For this valuable service under fire he amongst others was decorated by his seniors.

After the war he returned to his business as a land surveyor.

He was living in Rotorua in his retirement and was approached by Rotorua citizens to contest the mayoralty  against the very popular long time serving mayor Tommy Jackson. Harry was successful but before he could make a difference he passed away while in office. His deputy Prentice Kusabs another of my uncles succeeded him as mayor.

He married Winifred Barter and together raised four children. 

Harry is buried with brothers George and Roger and his son Harry(Pip) at the Muruika Soldiers Cemetery Ohinemutu

After talking with My cousin Mark Dansey need to correct a mistake in my post, Mark is the grandson of Harry. Harry did not make Major he held the rank of Captain. Sorry for that error.