Edward Komene


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Totara North, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs Huata Komene (wife), Totara North, New Zealand

Comments (2)

this might be the komene who was in the first world war then joined with his son abraham for the 2nd world war...think im right.be rare happening.

That is true, both Uncle Ted and Uncle 'Ham' fought in WW2 with 28 Battalion. The tale he told me was he had told Abraham to stay home, look after the farm and stay away from war. He departed and may have lied about his age as he was too old for enlistment, of course his son didn't listen and as soon as Ted had left he signed up - he may have been under age. Of course with the delays moving the battalion to the front the various intakes all came together at Alexandria. While on leave there and enjoying some brews at a bar whom should Ted see, his boy Ham. He promptly shot across the bar dragged him outside and gave him a boot up the jacksy - of course it was too late then and both went on to fight through Crete, North Africa and eventually Italy. Ted received shrapnel wounds in the North African campaign and recovered, but was eventually wounded again in Italy with grenade fragments and returned home to Aotearoa.