Sonny Ahomiro

Sonny Hani Ronald Ahomiro, 811029.  His uncle John Ahomiro served with the 28 Māori Battalion.  His brother William Ahomiro served with J Force.


Family Collection.  Permission of the whānau is required for any other reproductions of this image.

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I am a grandchild to Sonny Hani Ronald Ahomiro, my mother (his daughter) is Sonia Miria Heneriata Hunia nee Ahomiro. My question is to simply ask how you obtained a photo of my koro, and his brother (koro William)? My reason for asking to simply wanting information about my koro, siblings, my great grandparents. All I know from what my mother told me is that he went war and when he came back, he got sick and passed away. I look forward to hearing from you. Hani Hunia II

Tena koe e te Tuahine, Ko Bryce Kihirini taku ingoa. My grandmother was your koro's baby sister. She had all of the whanau photos in a box which is now in my possession. I was asked to put photos of our koros up on line by a rep of the 28th kia kore ai e wareware. Flick me an email: [email protected] I have some other stuff you might be interested in. Arohanui, Bryce