Situation report: 18 February 1944

Situation report for 18th February 1944. The Battalion's A and B Companies were at the head of the Battalion's objective to take the Cassino Railway station.


Sitrep 0800 hrs. Attack by 2 Coys of 28 NZ (Maori) Bn at 2130 by night 17/18 Feb. hvy (heavy) opposition encountered also AP mines and wire. B Coy on right are first on objective rly stn G858201. A Coy on left held up just short of objective (?) 859198 by very hvy ?(?) fire. Wire and AP mines (?) in water-logged area. ? cas at 0315 hrs killed 1 off 7 ors wounded 32. Cas (casualties) now estimated at 50. Enemy forming up for counter attack at 0800 hrs. broken up by arty fire. 18 pw taken. Identification. 361 regt. NZE. Completed repack and bridging of b? on rly with exception of one demolition at G861201. Work halted due to mg and mortar fire on demolition. 2 NZ div (?). Fired all mgs on harassing tanks to WEST of RAPIDO. 24 NZ bn. Heavy shelling on front.


 (?): indicates text indecicpherable



Archives New Zealand – Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga 
28 (Maori) Battalion war diary, R23517746, A DQZ 18886, WAII 11666, DA 68/1/50

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