Lieutenant H.T.K. Green's headstone

Our Dad's Headstone. Heartfelt thanks to our cousin Richard Wiremu Karuwai Milner (Our aunty Hora Green's son) who had the wreath placed here and the photo taken and send to me in July 2005. Here is what he had to say:

On ANZAC Day this year Aussies and Kiwis from the Sinai Force went to various wargraves throughout EGYPT, Israel and Libya to conduct ANZAC sevices. 

The Aussie contingent went to LIBYA and I gave their RSM the cemetery and plot number. He took the photos and his group laid the wreath.

I was most humbled and full of aroha when he told me they found our whanaunga.

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E22015 WK Milner 1976 - 1978 NZ Navy 1978 - 1996 NZ Army NgatiporouKIa ora my whanaunga's I am Aunty Hora's and Uncle Koro's son ...just to let you all know it is with great aroha that i share my love to you all and to finally have a lovely picture of your Dad's stone, our Mum spoke often of him as i am sure many of the family did,and having read about him in the C Company book only increases the respect and aroha we all have for your Dad.. However i must let you all know that although i served in the NZ Army , the soldier that was responsible for the taking the photo and laying of the wreath and i am also deeply grateful to, is actually my nephew, Aunty Hora's grandson, the son of our oldest brother Wally. He was serving in the Sinai at the time.. No reira tenei te mihi aroha kia koutou, te Whanau o to tatou Rangatira tino honore.

E22015 WK Milner 1976 - 1978 NZ Navy 1978 - 1996 NZ Army NgatiporouKia ora ano Whanaunga,i am writing to ask if i can take copies of the photo's of your Dad. My Children finally get to see the great man i have often told them about. They can now put a name to the memorial stone at the entrance of the our urupa at Turitaka.Kia ora whanaunga