Letter from Tom Delamere to his father

Thomas Delamere writes to his dad in April 1942. He mentions his cousin Kohi Delamere whose serial numbers was nearly the same, and a cause for confusion.


To my dearest dad so sorry for you getting worried over me. Just through a mistake like that my number & name was taken for Kohi because our number pretty near the same only by one number. I’m sending you a telegram to let you know that I’m alright and happy all the time. I wrote about 12 letters home about 3 to you and same to Uncle Paul, Tu Gage. Aunt Te Awhi about Kohi, Herewini Gage and Tanara. K. So just to let you know that I’m alright.

These snaps of ours were taken when we came back from the Libya campaign. It was our seven days leave. I suppose you know my mate that’s Wananga Matenga, son of Pesuaro. Please dad don’t give my snaps away even my mates too.

That’s all I could tell you for the meantime.

With my best wishes to you all. Love to you and the family.

Love from your loving son
T Delamere

I hope you won’t get a shock





Courtesy of Hinetapuarau Delamere-Amoamo

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