Grave of Hiki Delamere

Grave of Hiki Delamere in the whanau urupa.

Grave of Hiki Delamere in the whanau urupa


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My Grandpa Hiki did not discuss details of his involvement in WW1 with me. He did however talk about St Paul's Cathedral in London and how he marvelled at the size of such a building. " When you speak inside St Paul's Cathedral you can hear an echo, " he once said.

Grandpa Hiki was full of praise for the Salvation Army who apparently provided accommodation for him in London at some stage.

Thanks to Sonia Edwards of Opotiki for her book " Eastern Bay of Plenty WW1 Fallen In Eternal Memory" published in 2015, I read that Grandpa Hiki had a week's leave in England at the end of October 1917. Read page 282 to learn more about my hero.