After the attack at Alamein

This photograph is from the family collection of Major Sydney (Bully) Jackson and probably taken by the battalion's Regimental Medical Officer Cam D'Arcy.  Bully Jackson leans at the centre back of this photo surrounded by his mates.  They are sitting in a German staff car they captured at El Alamein.  The car carried Doc D'Arcy through the entire Desert Campaign, until it was removed by the Military Police at Tripoli on the way back to Cairo. 

The following description is taken from the back of the photograph, written by Major Jackson for his wife Noni:

"Taken at Alamein Nov. 3. 1942.  After final attack against Germans by our Bn (night Hati was wounded).  If only you could see what was around us when this photo was taken.

One of the most finest shows I have been in."

Sydney (Bully) Jackson family collection.  Courtesy of Gary Jackson.
No reproduction without permission.
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