Sergeant Cullen leads his platoon to success without casualties

This citation for Ralph Cullen's Military Medal is reproduced fromthe April 1990 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Golden Jubilee Reunion booklet:    

801916 L/Sgt Ralph Cullen M.M.

During the attack on CASA LA MORTE on night 14/15 Dec, 1944, L/Sgt CULLEN was in command of a platoon and had to lead his platoon through heavily mined ground to his objective which was a strongly held enemy strong point. Before the objective was reached, he found the country difficult to negotiate owing to canals behind minefields. Without hesitation he led twelve men from flank and began a determined assault which brought down enemy defensive fire among the platoon. The enemy opened fire pinning him and his men. Realising that the enemy fire was too severe he changed his tactics by attacking frontally, thus evading casualties. He led his men with dash and determination resulting in the capture of the objective and the killing of many of the enemy. After capture, the objective was found to be a key point to the defences and to contain many Spandaus. By his outstanding initiative and dash, L/Sgt CULLEN inspired his men to gain the objective without serious casualties. Throughout this action and subsequent actions, he had shown leadership of the highest order.

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