Private K. Edwards' heroic devotion to duty at Point 209

This citation for Kura Edwards' Military Medal is reproduced from the April 1990 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Golden Jubilee Reunion booklet:    

39612 Private K. Edward M.M.

During the attack of March 26 Pte. EDWARD was attached as SB [stretcher bearer] to the company that made the attack on Point 209. All other SB's attached to this company had become casualties themselves during the approach on to the hill feature so that by the time the company had got on to its objective, Pte EDWARD was the only stretcher bearer left. When the company reached the crest of the hill heavy fighting took place, the enemy making several counterattacks and inflicting heavy casualties on the company. Pte EDWARD worked under extremely difficult conditions, going from one end of the company to the other under continuous mortar and MG fire. But without the slightest regard for his own personal safety he worked unceasingly throughout the whole night and the better part of the next day until his company was relieved, not only dressing the wounded but also carrying them down the hill to safety. During this action Pte EDWARD showed unswerving devotion to duty in the face of tremendous odds and also showed personal courage and fortitude of a very high order.

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