Captain H.W. Northcroft leads men across Senio River

This citation for H.W. Northcroft's Military Cross is reproduced from the April 1992 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Reunion booklet: 


Captain (T/Maj) NORTHCROFT commanded a Coy in the battle across the Senio on the night 9/10 April 1945. With dash and determination he led his men across the river through enemy minefields, pierced enemy defences on the Stop Bank and captured several of the enemy without casualty to his men. Appreciating that the enemy firmly held the ground approximately six hundred yards beyond, he once more led his men in another attack during which he was wounded but requested not to be evacuated until the objective was reached. When the second phase of the major attack developed he led his men fearlessly against enemy spandau posts and strong points, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. After he was satisfied that the situation had been stabilised he agreed to be evacuated to the hospital. In this action after having fought through difficult country, his Coy gained the final objective, through his skill and leadership, and throughout this action and previous actions he has displayed courage or the highest order.

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