Sonny Moore

Date of death
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Princess Street, Opotiki, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs T. Moore (wife), Princess Street, Opotiki, New Zealand

Comments (2)

B R McDonald.I came searching for my great uncle Sonny who was killed at Tunisia. His brother Wilson Moore died in the Western Desert and I now discover (another uncle) a 2nd brother Tom, also served and since passed away in Hamilton only last year. Sonny, who was married, was the nephew of my grandmother's brother Corporal Sunny Moore who did not return home from WW1. Corporal Sunny Moore arrived in Gallipoli on the 3rd of July 1915. He and other survivors, just over 100 men and 2 officers from an original 300 or so, went to France. In some ways they were derided as not 'worthy' to fight in a battle between europeans, but finally their 'honour' would be, not only their recognition as supreme warriors, but later the formation of the Maori Battalion in WW2. It ashames me that that they needed to 'earn' respect but gives me pride that they did so with such devastating effect and for the sadness with which they are missed. Wilson name is recorded as William on a family tree compiled by Tom Moore of Opotiki, the only surviving brother of the 3 that went to war. The 3 sons of eight brothers and 2 sisters were all grandchildren of Wiki Toria Te Moananui. I have a photo of Corporal Sunny Moore in uniform with the distinctive crossed clubs on the badges of his lapels.

I was raised in a small settlement called Te Kao in the Far North.My father was a Christie from Opotiki.I often would ask my mother where my name came from as my father died young.Her answer was that I was named after a friend of my fathers. I was to discover as a teenager that I was named after -Sonny Moore-.I also carry the name William and suspect that perhaps I was also named after Wilson.I am honoured to have met Lady Emily Moore,married to Sir Graeme Latimer-sister of Sonny Moore killed in Tunisia.She related to me that she had always known that her brother had a namesake and she had visited me when I was a child.Suffice to say I am saddened and honoured to carry the name of one " I ngaro i te mura o te ahi" Deemed by my ancestors as the supreme sacrifice. "Takoto mai e kara i waenganui i a ratou ma i tutu ai te puehu o te riri , i paterehia hoki te toto, takoto" Na: Sonny William Christie