Bill Williams

Also known as
Wiremu Hotete Wiremu
Date of death
21 August 1996

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Care of W. Butler, Waioeka Road, Opotiki, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs H. Williams (mother), Matauri Bay, New Zealand

Comments (3)

Dad was proud to have served for the 28th, we grew up hearing the same stories for years and years and they never changed. He tried joining up in the far north where he was born but his mother put a stop to that so he tried further down and still no go so he went down to Opotiki to an Uncles and managed to join there before my nana could stop him. Dad passed away of lung cancer on 21 August 1996.

Thanks Aunty Max for the link of this beautiful site. It's such an awesome way to commemorate and recognised all those who served in the Batallion. As Aunty says Nanapa was certainly proud to have served for the 28th and like many others I was honoured to be included to listen to his many stories and memories he shared. I remember he always said that his one dream was to go back to Sicily to see his good friends but sadly it didn't happen. One thing I know though all his friends in the batallion were forever in his hearts and are in mine too.

Te whangai ahau a ko Wiremu Hotete Wiremu (Bill Williams) 802639 no Ngai Tupango, Te Ngaere, Kaeo. The soldier for whom I have the greatest respect .. the military unit for which I have the greatest respect. I enlisted in the Regular Force Cadet School at Waiouru in February 1972. Was the RFCU 'A' Company CSM in 1973. NZ Armoured Corps in 1974. 1 Ranger Squadron NZSAS until 1977.. I rate the Maori Battalion as the greatest fighting unit of all time. The men of the Maori Battalion were the most gallant and brave soldiers ever to enter a modern theatre of war. A war not of their own making. Their exploits were second to none... for which they have never been formally and properly acknowledged... official records of accounts omit reference to the sheer gallantry and bravery of the acts of groups and individuals carried out during encounters with the enemy .. A military unit without peer ... the only unit to receive accolade from the enemy ..the 'desert fox' German General Rommel... who is reported to have said that if he had men of the calibre of the maori .. he would have won the desert war .. no greater praise than from the enemy himself.. such is the mana of the 28th Maori Battalion..True warriors and soldiers... nga tere nui a tu (pilgrims of Tu)... E Te Hoko Whitu a Tu ... kia kaha ra ! ...ka ti ra te hingahinga ki raro ra !!