Hutana whānau at Waipawa

Four men in front of a house. Three men are standing, two in uniform and one in a suit, while the fourth, much older man, is seated.

Information supplied by James Hutana:

On the left is Te Hira Hutana (while in Territorials in Waipawa, aged 16), the man in the suit is Henare Tomoana Hutana and James Newton-Hutana is standing to the right. Sitting is Ihaia Poroutawhao Hutana. The photo was taken at his house in Waipawa in 1917 prior to James departing to war. Henare Hutana is youngest son of Ihaia. Te Hira and James Mokopuna of Ihaia, but James was whangai by Ihaia. Ihaia served under Henare Tomoana during the battles against the hauhau in the 1860s. Our whanau still have his war medal from that era also in Hawkes Bay.


Image supplied by Jamie Hutana. Whānau can contact him regarding photos or whakapapa via his profile.

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