Hiko Andrew

Date of death
Place of death
New Zealand

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Care of F. Steed, Waitai Valley, Wairoa, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs B. Andrew (wife), Care of Dr H.M. Wilson, Lyndhurst Road, Hastings, New Zealand

Comments (3)

Joined in Wairoa, underage, trained and embarked for Egypt. Also was at the start of the Italian campaign, wounded very badly and evac'd home. Spent years in the iron lung recuperating, and survived on one lung for many years. Died Rotorua, 27-Jan-1985. Did not relate many stories of his service years, but one in which a spare tyre from a jeep got sold to an Egyptian two or three times.

I always believed this story as follows for years. Dad was sitting on a sand dune in Cairo and was laughing and a shot rang out. he said the reason his two eye teeth(canine) were missing was due to this incident. The bullet hit the right eye tooth and went straight through to the left eye tooth. I was in my early twenties when I realised that was a tall story. Dad did not relate the real stuff. He dealt with the horrors of war by telling funny stories. One such was stealing a pig for a hangi