Frederick Tangiika Tuanoa Pohe

Frederick Pohe
Frederick Tangiika Tuanoa Pohe served in A Company
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Frederick Pohe was my uncle and lived in a country settlement called Tahuna and worked as a grader driver for the local quarry. He married my dads sister Lena Wairata Pohe, they raised five children. As a child I recall many good memories of my uncle of whom I was very close to and if there was one particular memory post war it would be the brass planes we played with as children in the sitting room. They were very heavy but we had fun with them. I recall at least two of them but there may have been three. I don't know what happened to the planes. Sadly my uncle passed in 1974.

This is exciting to know that we are able to share our beautiful Uncles memories with those of the many men that he fought with of that era, Ka nui te mihi ki a ratou, me a ratou whanau, whanui :). My post war memory of our Uncle was being woken up, by our Aunty my cousin's and I to walk down to the Tahuna Epitaph to Honour those who fought in the War Anzac Day. As tired as we were we listened to the Trumpet and watched people lay their wreaths, and lots of money, and cry. Our Uncle was a Giant to us, his hands were huge, and he wore his best gears, he was so handsome and he had all his medals on his Jacket yes he was smart alright. His photo hangs proudly in many of our homes, because we were the lucky ones to this day we still talk of him, visit his grave, and talk of him all the time because our memories are forever.. Arohanui mo ake tonu atu Amine - Na Hingatu Pompey

Hi Hingatu,

Thanks for putting this information together for others to see. It's great to have something to show the kids when they ask about whanau. Lots of love Kristina Jason's partner. Jason Pohe.

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As I never met the man .II have heard many stories about how humble he was.He was loved by many. I had married his son Peta and we had 4 children our 2 girls Pamela and Pauline, and 2 boys Maurice and Peta junior. He has got 9 grandchildren and 4 great grand chchildrenn. Our children have heard stories about this humble man and just hearing what he was like, my children love him so much even though they never met the man.