Henare Reweti

Date of death
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Reparoa, Rotorua, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr Mate Kohuru Reweti (father), Rotorua, New Zealand

Comments (1)

Henare’s nephew Marty Charteris and I are trustees of a Maori dairy farming land trust at Reporoa just south of Rotorua. Marty and I have something in common. Marty’s Uncle Henare and my Uncle Leroy Merriman both members of B Company where killed same day and probably same place on 27th May 1941. That place 42nd Street, Crete.
Le Roy’s younger brother Boycie Merriman was a sergeant radio operator and was not allowed to join the charge but was told by his and Leroy’s mates that Leroy had been killed. No time to tangi his brother or the others who did not return. The Germans were reorganising and the allies had to keep moving.
We know Leroy is buried in Maleme British Cemetery but he rests in a grave with a headstone reading “Known only to God”.
Both our families have visited Crete to tangi our whanaunga.