Hiko Anaru

Date of death
25 May 1919 {Age unknown}
Place of death

World War 1

WW1 Serial No
WW1 Rank
WW1 address
Tangoio, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
WW1 next of kin
Wetini Anaru (father), Tangoio, Napier, New Zealand
WW1 embarkation body
1st Maori Contingent
WW1 embarkation unit
B Company
WW1 last unit
New Zealand Rifle Brigade

Comments (1)

Oldest of his brothers and sisters he served in ww1 and lived to return home in triumph and celebrate with those that came home with him, family and friends at or on the wharf in Napier. Sometime during the celebrations a bottle was thrown an hit him on the head and killed him instantly. Police did not find the culprit but family knew who it was and waited for that guy to appear in which he didn't but disappeared. Grandmother used to wait on the porch with a shotgun for this man to show but didn't. A little later she had her last child, a son. My dad and in memory of her son who was killed , she named my dad after him. Hiko 2nd. My dad also named his second son Hiko. All had the fated of dying of causes relating to war. Ironic isn't it?