George Ashby

Date of death
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Next of kin
Miss Sophie Ashby (sister), Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Comments (2)

The following article appeared in The Evening Post on Monday, 11 November 1941: Private George Ashby, 28th Battalion, died of injuries in England as a result of a fall from a building while on leave.  Sister: Miss Sophie Ashby, Paihia, Bay of Islands.'N.Z.E.F. Casualties - Two in Great Britain'. The Evening Post,  11 November 1941.  URL:

The following article in The Evening Post on 15 January 1941, puts more light on George's unfortunate accidental death: FALL FROM WINDOW - MAORI SOLDIER'S DEATH (From The Post's Representative.) LONDON, November 15 The death occurred in the Victoria Hospital, Liverpool, recently, of Private George Ashby, of the Maori Battalion, who is believed to have fallen 40 feet from the bedroom window of his lodgings. Private Ashby was found lying in the front garden of the house where he was spending a holiday. He had suffered severe injuries and died soon after being admitted to hospital. It was stated that he was in his normal health when he returned to his lodgings that night. A man staying in the lodgings said that Private Ashby was sleeping in a room on the third storey. He said: Another man was wakened in the early hours by the sound of a thud and falling tiles. Then he heard moaning and went to see what it was. When he found it was the soldier in the garden he rushed back into the house and roused us. We carried Ashby into the house. He was not fully conscious, for he kept moaning and complaining about his shoulder. The garden was littered with fallen tiles, and there was a dent in the ground where he had fallen. An ambulance was immediately summoned, and he was taken to hospital. We later found that the tiles were from the porch of the house, which he had evidently struck in his fall. The window from which he fell was a narrow one, and not easy to fall through. The only explanation seems to be he must have fallen out while sleepwalking or in a nightmare.'Fall From Window - Maori Soldier's Death'. The Evening Post,  15 Jan 1941.  URL: