Hekiheki Wikeepa

Hekiheki Wikeepa

Hekiheki Wikeepa Coy B & J/Force

Hekiheki Wikeepa this is the property of Hinemihi Patara Not to be copied without my permission and the permission of his daughter Ngaro

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This is my uncle Heki. He is my mother Waina Rore Wikeepa's first cousin from Motiti, but lived in Tauranga. I have had the honour and the privelege to have met uncle on many occassions. My mother spoke highly and proudly of her cousin. She always spoke to us kids about him. Uncle Heki, on behalf of my mum Waina (passed away 2005), I would like to say how proud we all are of you. You will never be forgotten Uncle. From all your neices, nephews, and mokopuna. You were and still are our hero Uncle.

Tena koe kuz thanx for your kind thoughts of our Dad. He also spoke kindly of your Mum and Dad. As for myself and kamau your mum and dad were a beautiful couple, we always turned up out of the blue n they made us feel at home she was always giving us taonga,(KETE) and we treasure  them always.Na ngaro raua ko kamau