Hekiheki Wikeepa & Te Puhi Patara First ANZAC Motiti Is 25-04-08

Hekiheki Wikeepa & Te Puhi Patara

Hekiheki Wikeepa & Te Puhi Patara First ANZAC Motiti Is 25-04-08

Hekiheki Wikeepa & Te Puhi Patara this is the property of Hinemihi Patara Not to be copied without my permission.

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This photo was taken on Motiti Island 25th April 2008 their First Ever ANZAC Uncle Hekiheki Wikeepa and my Dad Te Puhi Patara. Sadley Uncle Hekiheki passed away on ANZAC DAY 25th April 2009.

This is my Uncle Heki. He is my mother Waina Rore WiKeepa first cousin. I have met Uncle on many occassions, even at his home in Tauranga. He also attended my wedding at Toroa Marae in Whakatane 1997. Our other uncle Akuhata Rore was in the battalion who is also closely related to uncle Heki. I am so proud of you uncle. This is a lovely photo of you and Te Puhi. From all your neices, nephews, mokopuna on my mum Waina's side. We will never forget you. My mum thought the world of you uncle. She always spoke highly of you. I want people to know that you were my Mums hero and also ours. Ake, ake, kia kaha ra. Rest forever in gods love and peace. Remembered forever.

Uncle Hekiheki Wikeepa is a 1st cousin to my dad Kingi Wikeepa. Uncle Heki's dad & my Koroua Anania-mutu Wikeepa are brothers. My koroua also served with the 28th Maori Battalion. R.i.p nga koroua..