Roger Ingram Dansey

Roger Ingram
Date of death
1938 {Age unknown}

World War 1

WW1 Serial No
WW1 address
Selkirk Street, Roslyn, Dunedin, New Zealand, Unknown address
WW1 next of kin
Mrs Daisy Sarah Dansey (wife), Selkirk Street, Roslyn, Dunedin, New Zealand, Mrs D.S. Dansey (wife), Selkirk Street, Roslyn, Dunedin, New Zealand
WW1 embarkation body
1st Maori Contingent
WW1 embarkation unit
A Company

Comments (1)

I am a grand nephew of Roger Dansey 16/317, he was a younger brother of my grandmother Lucy Kusabs nee Dansey.

Uncle Roger was born 1885 died 1938. He was gassed on the Western Front and it was the after effects that caused his early demise. He is buried at Muruika Soldier's Cemetery Ohinemutu with his two brothers Harry and George and his nephew Harry Delemere 

The TV program Shovels and Guns, directed by another grand nephew Brendon Butt, enlightened those outside of Roger's immediate family of an injustice that befell Roger whilst serving on Gallipoli. He was vindicated and served his country with distinction to the end of the war and in the post war rebuilding of Belgium.