William Northover


World War 1

WW1 Serial No
WW1 next of kin
Joe Northover (father), Tokomaru Bay, New Zealand
WW1 embarkation body
Maori Reinforcements
WW1 embarkation unit
8th Reinforcements

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Love you lots Grandpa. I've spent this weekend looking at the memories shared by many of your grandchildren, about the wonderful man you were. I wish I had more time with you, and that my children could have met you and learnt of your heroism, both in the war, and in the family. My siblings, and cousins echo what a beautiful grandfather you were. I hope my grandchildren get to experience the same with me. Nanny was blessed to have married a person with so much love and understanding for her work in this life. You are a rare find with a living soul. Thanks for being an inspiration in our family. Love always Royal X