Enoka Potae


World War 1

WW1 Serial No
WW1 address
Te Araroa, Gisborne, New Zealand
WW1 next of kin
Pani Potae, Te Araroa, Gisborne, New Zealand
WW1 embarkation body
1st Maori Contingent
WW1 embarkation unit
B Company

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New Zealand Herald, 17 April 1940, Page 12AFTER 24 YEARS - ECHO OF GREAT WAR HOSPITABLE FRENCH FAMILY MEMBER VISITING DOMINIONGreat War friendships with New Zealand troops whom she and her family were able help and entertain at their home in Bois Grenier, France, in 1916, will be renewed after 24 years by Mrs. S. Jacob, of Sydney, who, accompanied by her husband, a former Australian soldier, was to arrive at Wellington yesterday on her first visit to the Dominion. A meeting of especial interest will take place at Auckland on April 26 between Mrs. Jacob and Mr. E. M. Potae, a well-known interpreter, of Te Araroa, East Coast, who, according to French war custom, she adopted as a war brother.To many New Zealand soldiers, both Maori and pakeha, Mrs. Jacob will be remembered as Germaine, who, with her sister Madelaine, lived with their parents in the "Little White House" near Bois Grenier, Many units enjoyed their hospitality during 1916 before proceeding to the Somme. Among these were members of C Company, New Zealand Maori Pioneer Battalion, to which Mr. Potae belonged.Two Homes Blown Up"Many pleasant evenings were spent there after ,the day's routine work," states a correspondent in referring to the ''Little White House." "There were dancing and impromptu concerts, and once or twice some of the Empire's great songsters and entertainers made an appearance there."The members of the family were great favourites with the troops and many friendships were made that have continued up to the present. The "Little White House" was the family's second home during the war, their first having been blown up by German fire. The "Little White House" was also within reach of the German guns and was destroyed in 1917, the family going to Paris as refugees.Migration to Australia In 1919 Germaine married Mr. Jacob and emigrated to Australia, but the other members of the family remained in France. It has long been Mrs. Jacob's ambition to visit New Zealand and renew her many friendships.A gathering of returned soldiers in honour of Mrs. Jacob is to be held in Christchurch on Sunday. As the time at her disposal does not permit Mrs. Jacob visiting her many friends among the Maoris on the East Coast, Mr. Potae is making his first visit to Auckland in 20 years to convey their greetings. Arrangements are also being made for her to address East Coast Maori ex-servicemen by radio.