Reweti Moana Kaiwai

Reweti Moana
Also known as
Reweti Hoia Kaiwai|Soldier Kaiwai

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Puha, Gisborne, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs K. Kaiwai (mother), Ruatoria, East Coast, New Zealand

Comments (4)

I was actually having a nohi at this site and stumbled across my Papa,He was for me when growing up a safe haven (and I'm sure for a few other cousins to),i was 1 of his many mokopuna to be lucky enough to have lived with him for some years as a child,the stories he would tell while we would sit outside our whanau home watching the sun rise over the hills drinking our fresh cows milk (With Cocoa) he had prepared for us nearly every morning.My Papa was a very quite and private man that never liked to be in the spot light...He would talk about the tactics they used whilst at war and all the areas they fought and the endless walking from one place to the next,the deaths of friends,brothers in arms that he had witnessed and heaps of other memories (which i wont say) i had the privellge of listening to.War put my papa off eating chicken and drinking tea,I am so proud of my papa as I'm sure others are of there's,he was put in the frontlines and he came home,my papa lost part of his foot so as he aged he would loose balance and that foot would always throb...He would say "BLOODY CUT THE BUGGER OFF"... 28 Maori Battalion you ROCK....

Bowing to the heroes who fought for my country Greece...very very thanks