Jack Martin

Jack (Jackson) Martin of D Company who embarked with the Main Body.

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Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Reference: Detail of PA.000038

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Kia ora - this is my great Grandfather, its so great to finally put a (correct) name and face to him. Does anyone know who identified this photo?

Tena koe Rihia,Your grandfather was identified by Major Rangi Logan who was D Company's Company Sergeant Major (CSM) at the time the photo was taken. Noho ora mai,Leanne (Content Officer - 28 Maori Battalion website)

This is my lovely granddad, who i affectionately call 'Koko'. He passed away in 1996.. I used to ask my mum (Val) if she ever knew where he fought or if he ever told her stories of the war.. She said he never liked to talk about it, so until now I have never known anything about the courageous battle my koko fought. Thankyou guys, for recognizing my Grandfather and acknowledging all these wonderful people =)

Kia ora Bianca, Are you certain this is your koko?  The reason I ask is we are trying to trace my great grandfathers war history, and if this is my great grandfather (as my Aunties and Uncles say it is) then he died in 1988, aged 86.  He had near 24 children (some whangai) - Molly Martin being one of them, this is my grandmother.  WOuld love to hear from you and try to establish exactly who this kaumatua is. :-)Angela 

Hi Angela.This is definitely our grandad as my cousin Bianca mentioned. He is my mums father and we had his tangi at Te Koura marae in 1996. Our family has many photos like this one of him. I do not know a Molly Martin.

How do I get a copy of this photograph? I went on to the Collections Link, and cant find where to go?

Kia ora,Click on the link, cut paste into the search box at the top the image reference PA.000038 and then the image should come up.  Now click on the image, and in the bottom left you'll see Picture Library - Buy or Licence Image. This should give you the information you need.  Now, it's the image of the whole Company, not just of your whanaunga.  We did the crop ourselves from the larger image.  Nga mihi