Waka Rotana

Ingoa whānau
Ingoa tuatahi

World War 2

Tau Rangatū
Lance Corporal
Wāhi noho
Huntly West, Waikato, New Zealand
Whanaunga tino tata i te wā o te kuhunga
Miss N. Rotana (sister), Huntly West, Waikato, New Zealand

Takupu (5)

Kia ora my name is Jayson Awa and I'm looking for any information on my grandfather waka Roxana from huntly. If u could help it wud be gratefully appreciated Kia ora everyone

Kia ora Jason. My name is Malcolm Griffiths andI am doing some research on my dad's war history. He was a British medic and was captured near a village called Cassel when the army was retreating to Dunkirk. He didn't talk much about his war but he did share with me that when in POW camp his best mates were two members of Maori Battalion. He said their humour and self belief helped him to cope with his 5 years in captivity. One of the people he mentioned was a Waka Rotana and it may be this man was your grandfather. I know nothing more than this and am not sure what camp they would have met in but he was in the following camps:Stalag V111B, Stalag XX1E, Stalag XX1A and Oflag 64Z and possibly 1 other thatI do not know by name.If you think from what you already know that your grandfather may be the same Waka RotanaI hope this information helps you with your search for information. If you have anything that can help me then please share what you know if in fact your grandfather was imprisoned. My dad visited NZ in 1986 to stay with us andI tried to track Waka down then but could not get any information other than from the RSA who indicated he had died. dad was very sad at the news.Hei konā mai, Malcolm

I am an immigrant from England who is doing research on my family's WW2 history. My father was a medic captured near Dunkirk and talked very little about the war and his experiences. However he did say two of his best mates in camp were from the Maori Battalion and when he visited in 1986 I tried to track them down. Unfortunately all I could get was from the RSA who confirmed they had both died. My understanding is that Waka Rotana was one of them. I am going to see if i can track descendents of either of these men and perhaps uncover anything that will fill the many gaps.

Malc-I apologise for the delay in getting back to u buddy. I lost hope in ever finding information about wat my Koros exploits were overseas. The story u shared with me about ur father-really touched my heart n soul. U have done more for my family than u reaLISE by sharing this important experience ur father had. Yes it was indeed my Grand Father Waka-Iur father wud have met. I am so grateful beyond measure for ur important contribution. I am going to continue searching for information that can help u as well as me n my family. Wat I find I will share with u my friend. Hope u and ur family are well God bless u all. I am on Facebook under Te Heihana Te Paki if its easire for u to communicate that way. I find its a heck of alot faster. Knowing ur father and my Grand Father shared a brotherhood at a Dark time in theyre lives fills me with renewed Strength. No reira-Kanui te mihi atu kia raatau ma-I runga i te ao whakamoe Ariki. Thank u my friend. I will keep in touch if I come upon anything that may help ur search. Nga mihi kia koe me to whaanau

Hi Malcolm my name is Tanya and Waka Rotana is my grandfather. It touched us very much your story of your dad and my grandfather..just letting you no that my grandfather 

Was a POW at Stalag XXA, XX1B and Oflag 642. I hope this helps you. If you dont mind i would love to see a photo of your dad. We unfortunitly do not have one of our grandfather. Still searching for one.


Tanya Tarapata.