Sam Moeke

Ingoa whānau
Ingoa tuatahi
Date of death
Place of death
Western Desert, North Africa

World War 2

Tau Rangatū
Address on enlistment
Poroporo, Whakatane, New Zealand
Whanaunga tino tata i te wā o te kuhunga
Mrs Mariana Moeke (mother), Poroporo, Whakatane, New Zealand
Ngā tuhinga

Information regarding Sam Moeke's burial at Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Takupu (1)

He was the 6th child of Hone Kawhena Moeke and Mariana Taiuru. He was educated at Poroporo Native school.He was a labourer when he enlisted. While he was serving in the middle east, he posted a beautiful leather clutch purse to his Sister Sisi Te Rehe Moeke, who lived at Pahou Poroporo Whakatane. I It has an embossed scene of the Pyramids and a village in an oasis. Inscribed on the flap of one of the pockets is written "Love, To Sister Sisi Moeke" It is been treasured by my mother who was named after her aunt. Cissie Mamaeroa Moeke. From my mother I learned that her uncle was a bully during her childhood, but she remembered the day he left home to go to war and how sad, her grandmother was at his leaving. Little did they know he would never return. The day that the telegram was delivered was devastating for his mother and father. And even more devastating was not knowing where he was buried if at all. The years have passed, and that generation of Moeke are all deceased and so the stories are lost to our generation. I am so grateful for the Defence Department keeping information on Samuel, so we can know him and of him a little better. We don't know where his war medals are, or who has them. We know that his sacrifice is more than we can ask of anyone, to give us peace and a future in our own land. No reira e Koro, moe mai i to moenga pakanga i tawahi. A te wa ka tutaki ai tatou kia koutou kua hinga i roto ite mura a te ahi. Na te Atua runga rawa e manaaki tatau te hunga ora. Ae anei ake ake tonu atu. Amine