Kahu Kiwi Henare

Ingoa whānau
Ingoa tuatahi
Kahu Kiwi

World War 2

Tau Rangatū
Wāhi noho
Motatau, New Zealand
Whanaunga tino tata i te wā o te kuhunga
Mrs R.T. Henare (mother), Motatau, New Zealand

Takupu (4)

I dont remember my Uncle that much, but have met a few of his fellow soldiers over the years. My uncle did not have any NZ born children so he asked my dad if he could name one of his kids after him. My Mum and Dad (George Te Tahua and Vivienne Henare) have fond memories of him. As his namesake I received all his war medals and a few artifacts he acquired whilst in Italy. Kiwi Henare :-)

One of my Uncles commrades I remember meeting him back in the 90's, Mr George Wharehinga, who was working at Te Runanga O Otara, regailed me with memories of my Uncle. We have a family reunion coming up and it would be great to do a presentation of my Uncle and his mates, there was even rumour that he could have had a war bride in Italy. To any family members of George and Kiwi you are most welcome to make contact with me via this site. Kiwi Henare :-)

Just another story regarding my Uncles War Record. I was visiting the Cenotaph at the Auckland War Memorial Museum when the cenotaph database had just been opened. I searched for Uncle Kahu Kiwi's name but no name came up. Shocked I enquired at the Armoury service desk, why this was happening and she said it was because the family had not submitted the record details to the Cenotaph. I took it upon myself to do some research and gather information since I was the recipient of his war medals. I wrote a letter to the Royal NZ Army requesting my Uncles War records. Several months later the war record was sent in a letter including his service number and details. I took this back up to the museum and the service desk entered the information into the Cenotaph database. And that's how my uncles information is now seen on here... Salute' Kiwi Henare :-)