Tauranga District Soldiers, Cairo 1940s

Group of soldiers seated at tables
Tauranga District soldiers in Cairo, 1940s Acc. No 2356 Printed underneath: This picture was taken in the course of a reunion of soldiers from the Tauranga district serving in the Middle East held in the Phoenix Restaurant, Sharia Emad el Din, Cairo. Those present at the function included: - R. J. V. Sutcliffe, Geo. W. Webber, C. A. Wells, Ken Sutherland, Jack Kennedy, A. Le Cocq, Dug. Moore, D. H. Kennedy, J. D. Kennedy, L. Norris, R. W. Ludwig, A. N. Coker, W. Goodacre, A. Thwaites, R. J. Sutherland, Jack Heke, Jack Smith, C. C. Reed, J. Henderson, Chas. B. Curnow, L. A. Davies, Don Ross, A. Bougen, Ces. Guinness, R. F. Walford, W. Hudson, E. L. Faulkner, Chum Denniston, W. Parker, W. Vint, J. Thomson, F. Bougen, Bill Parlane, Stan Merriman, H. R. Mansel, B. Mansel, Tom Keenan, Bert E. Gibson, K. Harawira, A. N. Marsh, W. J. Kennedy, M.M., J. C. Hamilton, Neil G. Hansen, J. Heke, M.M., Adolphus Taki, A. J. Voss, D.C.M., G. D. Harrison.
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