The Military Medal - Private Huki Rawhiti. Chunuk Bair 1915.

Kei Te Ora Tonu te Mahara

RAWHITI, Huki.16/530, Private. (Tokomaru Bay)

Military Medal

The Citation reads:

On August 10th, 1915, under the Farm at Chunuk Bair, he carried nine wounded British Soldiers down to the Māori Regimental aid post under heavy fire.


Murau a Mokowaa. Kare he aukatinga.

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It is marvellous that the 28th Maori Battalion site now includes the names of our forebears who were part of the Maori Contingent which fought with 1st NZEF during WW1. My grandfather, Waimanuka with his brother Makiwi Merriman and my grandmother's three brothers, Roger Ingram Dansey, Harry Delamere Dansey and George Robert Dansey were at various times part of the contingent. Some where at Galipolli and Egypt but all were on the Western Front. They all returned to NZ following their Army service. Roger was the subject of the Maori TV program Shovels and Guns, screened on ANZAC Day 2015