Hiki Kohere and Harry Mackey

Hiki Kohere and Harry Mackey.

Harry wrote the following for the 1986 Battalion Remembers booklet:

On leave in Cairo

On leave in Heliopolous, Cairo, with Walton Haig, Hiki Kohere and MO Ngarimu, I was told by Haig that Ngarimu was to leave for OCTU shortly. We celebrated that evening. That bottle of whiskey I had carried all those miles from Ireland did its duty. Walking back to our digs, I produced a Beretta pistol telling my friends I had never fired it. The city seemed asleep – not a soul in sight. I pointed the pistol into the air, and pulled the trigger. The muzzle flash was enormous, lighting the whole square. Hiki Kohere took off and we didn't see him till midday next. He had run into a railway station and dived into the nearest carriage. The train started, but in the wrong direction.

Image from April 1986 The Battalion Remembers booklet
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