Grant Maranui

Grant Maranui, Wihongi, child singer

Grant Maranui, Mutu Wihongi and child singer

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Kia ora Tina. We finally tracked her down after some help from an Italian friend (November 2011). Her name is Maria Stella Pergolese/Delfino. She still lives in Crispiano and remembers this photograph being taken.She said my father ( Grant Marunui) and Mutu (Te Upokomutunga) Wihongi knew her elder brother and visited her family taking heaps of kai moana for them. She asked her mother if she could have her photo taken with them before they left. She told us that dad, Mutu and her brother had a narrow escape from the germans some time earlier . Although she had lost her photograph many years ago she said she remembered how handsome they were. She was surprised to find out that they were New Zealanders , because she thought they were Americans. My father also told me about how he was with his cousin Billy Rewi when he was killed and the story about ' Billys watch' but thats a another story. If you want i'll tell it to you as he told it to me.