Sergeant Rangitauira captures 18 Germans

This citation for Kani Rangitauira's Military Medal is reproduced from the April 1992 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Reunion booklet:


S/Sgt Rangitauira went forward on evening 12 April 1945 to take food to his Coy which was holding the left flank of the Battalion near Massa Lombarda. As it became darker visibility deceased where upon he missed our FDLs [Forward Defence Lines] and found himself on the very outskirts of the Village. On making a recce he saw some eighteen armed German soldiers coming toward his jeep. Immediately he moved behind cover and when these enemy soldiers were near him he dashed up behind them, ordering them to surrender. He called and made signs as if calling up more infantry to help him. When the enemy saw this they surrendered. He immediately disarmed them and shepherded them back to his lines. By his daring and cunning this soldier contributed to the Battalion's effort to reduce enemy resistance on the front as much as possible.

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