Private Rawiri Hemi leads his section at Fonte Grande

This citation for Rawiri Hemi's Military Medal is reproduced from the April 1990 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Golden Jubilee Reunion booklet:    

801792 Private Rawiri Hemi M.M.

During the battle for FONTE GRANDE on the morning of 24 Dec, 1943, Pte HEMI took charge of his section which was encountering very heavy mortar and small arms fire. This did not deter Pte HEMI from leading his section forward with vigour and skill, and he personally knocked out one machine gun post with his Bren and was instrumental in silencing two others. Whilst his company was consolidating, in broad daylight, Pte HEMI went forward and, with complete disregard for his own safety, dragged a wounded comrade back to safety. He also helped to carry out another wounded soldier whilst under heavy fire from enemy snipers. This soldier was an inspiration to his men and showed exceptional courage, resourcefulness and ability.

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