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This article appeared in the April 1992 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Reunion booklet.   

Citations for attack on Point 209, March 25th 1943, and Point 305, 28th July 1944 


This soldier was responsible for the saving of three lives during the attack of 26 March 43 on Point 209. His Coy had been forced to ground by intense MG fire leaving three wounded men in No-mans land completely exposed to enemy fire. Entirely on his own initiative and regardless of his own personal safety, Pte APIHAI calmly left the safety of his own trench on three occasions and each time he carried back a wounded man to safety, in the face of withering fire. His courage and actions were of the highest order.


In the attack on Point 209 on March 26, 1943, Pte Jones was a stretcher bearer attached to one of the companies making the attack. During the advance this company came under very heavy mortar and machine gun fire and several casualties resulted. Entirely regardless of his own personal safety he dressed the wounds of six men who were lying on high stony ground under heavy mortar fire. Having dressed the wounds he dug slit trenches for the lying wounded and assisted the walking wounded back to the RAP. The next day the company carried out another attack on Point 209 proper and there again Pte Jones displayed courage and devotion to duty of the highest order. Under heavy and sweeping LMG fire he attended to the wounded in the wake of the attack. Throughout the whole action he displayed great personal courage and devotion to duty and worked untiringly treating and evacuating casualties until none remained on the field.


During the attack on Point 209 on 26 March 1943 Sgt Walters was in charge of a section of carriers whose task it was to give protection to the right flank. He executed this duty in a most aggressive manner engaging all and sundry that showed any sign of movement and operating from well cut on the flank. It was not until the Battalion has fully completed its consolidation that he reported back, by which time it was well after dark. Sgt Walters again played a telling part during the Battalion attack on Point 209 proper on March 27 1943. The infantry had been pinned to the ground by heavy resistance from Point 209. It was decided to call in the carriers to give support to the attack. Sgt Walters operating from a flank, used his carriers with such dash and determination that it was evident his boldness completely disorganised the enemy. The enemy garrison of Point 209 amounting to over two hundred Germans surrendered.


On 28 July 44, during the attack on Point 305 Pte Bluett showed outstanding courage and devotion to duty. His Platoon Commander observed a two storied house occupied by a number of the enemy which was holding up the advance of the flanking Platoon. Pte BLUETT under heavy small arms fire, attacked the house single handed, killing one enemy officer and five other ranks with his TSMG. The remainder of the enemy fled from the house. The enemy immediately counter attacked but Pte Bluett drove them off killing three more. It was his initiative determination and outstanding courage that helped the flanking Platoon to gain their objective.

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Does anyone have an account or know of a soldier named Don Hinganui Reti aka Willie Johns who was in A Company. His regiment number I believe was 2020.