James Milner

Private James Milner (aka Kiri Milner), who embarked with the 12th Reinforcements. He was killed in action on 5/1/45

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James,known affectionately as Kiri, was one of 3 brothers who went to WW11. He and an older brother Wallace,never returned, both having being KIA. The other brother Te Maere ( Luddy) did return however. THey were the sons of Karauria and Nora Milner, of Ngati Rangi, Reporua, in Ngati Porou. Karauria was one of 13 children of William Milner, a settler, and Keita Te Hauauru Aupouri. They were first cousins to Joseph and David Richard Baker Milner who also served in te Maori Battalion. David was killed in action in Egypt but Joseph returned. THey were also first cousins to my two brothers who also served in WW11, James Wi Hekopa, and John Kiwa Walker. Other first cousins were Keepa Pomare Paenga, who returned and became an Anglican Minister, and Ted Dickin ( who was not in the Maori Battalion however. THey were also related to many others from their hapu.Kiri is survived by 2 sisters and some nephews and nieces.

Kia ora rawa atu koe June,Thank you for your comment. I've linked up the Milner brothers on our site. Making clear the whānau connection. I also linked to your comment so that people will see the many other whanaunga they had who served with them in the Battalion.  See here: http://www.28maoribattalion.org.nz/soldier/james-hugh-milner  Noho ora mai ra,Leanne

Kia ora, My grandmother, Libya Gazala Hauraki , is the daughter of Wallace Milner to Te Iwikararu Hauraki. She never had the chance of meeting her father due to his death and him leaving before her birth. She is still alive, 70 , and had a brother from her father but he passed away as a boy.