Duddin and Dad, Rotorua RSA, ANZAC Day 2009

Dad and Duddin at the Rotorua RSA, ANZAC Day 2009


Reupena Pene.

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Takupu (1)

i had the pleasure of working with reuben for some 8 years at his long time work place lakeland motors ford.. here in rotorua..i was employed as an apprentice mechanic in 1971 and rueben was tyres and lube bay person who was a  quiet and unassuming nice guy...i briefly spoke to him at the 2009 rotorua anzac rsa gathering but would loved to have had some greater time with him as he couldn't quite remember me...i was assigned as an apprentice to ted barlow initially for two years and he was a dfc awarded raf navigator of 101 squadron, ludford magna,who did 75 ops!! reuben and he were good work and rsa mates..