Corporal George P WHAREHINGA 802300

Photo taken 6 March 2010, Manukau Memorial Gardens, Auckland, New Zealand

©Sarndra Lees 2010
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I'm sorry...i can't help you with that one but someone else might :-) I notice there is no Wallace Wharehinga on Cenotaph database but there are a couple of other Wharehinga's that were also in the 28th.  Maybe Wallace was a petname?, NZ Web: Blog: Twitter: Magna_Quies sandyem

I'm sorry, I'm late to this party. But in case you ever read this... Uncle George had a brother who is named here as BARNEY TE URIKORE WHAREHINGA. They are the sons of another soldier who fought in WWI, PENETANA WHAREHINGA; who in turn had an older brother serve in WWI named KEREOPA WHAREHINGA. Aroha mai because although I am very interested in now learning about WARIHI TAUHORE WHAREHINGA; I have yet to find any information on him except for what is here. The J-Force records are scrimp at best.Noho ora mai. But a quick question to anyone out there...does anyone know who MKP WHAREHINGA is? A vietnam veteran that I am having absolutely no luck in tracking down.

Wallace Wharehinga was Warihi Tauhore Wharehinga. He was in J Force Uncle George said that the returning photo of 28th in Gisborne has both of them in it as dad and him celebrated Georges return together. Uncle George said thaty Dad was on his way overseas. Dad left from Tikitiki.

I am the 3rd son of Warihi Tauhore Wharehinga, He passed away in september 1996, and is buried in the return service mans cemetary in Bromley, Christchurch. He did not speak about his service time with me, but have been told stories by the late John Carroll 28th who served in wwII with him. Warihi was also a gunner J force and also a MP in Korea